History and Profile

Spider-Man is the quintessential Marvel character. Although a super hero, he is spared none of the slings and arrows of ordinary life; he experiences difficulties with friends, family, sweethearts and employers. His powers enable him to do good, but not to improve his own lot in life, and it is his simple humanity, rather than his exotic talent, that has won him millions of enthusiastic fans. He is one super-hero who has not lost the common touch, and in fact he is frequently described as “your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.”

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Amazing Spider-Man Kids Metromania T-Shirt


Made from 100% Cotton this red and partially black t-shirt for juvenile-sized kids features images of Spiderman based on the hit Amazing Spiderman movie! That’s right it’s another live action iteration of Spiderman mechanical web-shooters and all! This Spidey t-shirt for kids features images of Spiderman superimposed over a multi-colored cityscape his multiple figures outlined in silver and gold foil-print! The images are framed in familiar terms and popular monikers closely associated with Spider-Man also filled with a phasing silver and gold foil-print! OH! And nearly half of the t-shirt’s bottom is covered in a black tie-die affected coloration! NEAT!

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Downside Up T-Shirt


When I first looked at this 100% cotton Amazing Spider-Man Movie Downside Up T-Shirt I thought that the t-shirt was screwed up. I pulled the t-shirt out of the bag and saw the sleeves at the ‘bottom’. Then I took a second to look at it. Surprise surprise! The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Downside Up T-Shirt is supposed to be like that! Oh that Spider Man…he’s a cheeky one that guy. He’s even more cheeky than normal since his recent movie reboot. Hey he isn’t Tobey anymore but he’s in high school. Ouch man ouch. At least this great Amazing Spider-Man Movie Downside Up T-Shirt featuring Spider Man ‘hanging out’ would be a perfect addition to your collection. Just don’t go looking for Mary Jane. She’s not in this movie.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Kids Red Glitter Symbol T-Shirt


Made from 100% Cotton this navy-blue t-shirt for youth-sized kids features the specific spider-symbol taken from the hit Amazing Spider-Man film filled with a red glitter-foil print and set against a stringy lighter-blue web-fluid slathering! NEATO! Ok well…..pretty much said everything I needed to say in that one sentence so…..yeah. Cool Spiderman t-shirt for youth-sized kids based on the newer movie franchise starring…mechanical web-shooters. Good idea.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Poster T-Shirt


Yeah! Spider Man reboot! Weeee! It looks like somebody at the movie studio decided to go all ‘One More Day’ on us and now Spider Man is back to square one – in high school and dealing with all of the things that normally comes from being in high school. Being a little strange around the ladies missing classes fighting mutant lizard like humanoids and making sure to shave every once and awhile. Yes Spider Man sure does have his work cut out for him. This particular 100% cotton Amazing Spider-Man Movie Poster T-Shirt shows off the image featured on many of the Amazing Spider Man posters – Spider Man looking back at us with what I’m sure is a smug look on his face. One can never tell with that guy.